This Speaker Packs Marshall’s Signature Style & Sound Into A Tiny Package

Heading outdoors for some summer trips with friends? Going down to the beach for an afternoon kickback and barbeque? A portable speaker is always a welcome addition to any social gathering. But with more than a few notable options available in the oversaturated audio space, it can be difficult to find a musical companion that checks all the boxes — until now.

Marshall, a worldwide leader in audio and speaker design, has revealed the Emberton — a sleek, compact speaker built to join you in all of life’s escapades. If you’re a fan of the company’s unparalleled sound quality, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that the slimline device touts one of the best audio reproduction suites around. To set itself apart, it calls upon True Stereophonic, multi-directional sound, resulting in a robust soundscape reminiscent of a genre’s leading surround-sound systems. Of course, this unique technology is housed in Marshall’s distinct, amp-like housing, which utilizes a cleanly-tailored silhouette and a multi-directional control knob to play, pause, adjust volume, and skip tracks. The best part? The IPX7-rated, water-resistant Emberton clocks in at just under 0.7 kg, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes for up to 20-hours, without worrying about weight. Pick up the Emberton on Marshall’s website for $150.

Purchase: $150