Mark One Carbon Fiber-Printing 3D Printer

Mark One Carbon Fiber-Printing 3D Printer 1
Tired of reading about the latest ultra-high-end cars and their fancy carbon fiber parts? Make your own carbon fiber (then, um, go build a car) with the Mark One 3D printer from MarkForged. This beast is the world’s first 3D printer designed to print continuous carbon fiber. Cars ain’t your thing? Just looking for sturdy carbon fiber sweater vest to finish out the winter? That dream will be achievable. And that sweater vest will feature a higher strength-to-weight ratio than CNC-machined aluminum.

The Mark One will also turn out fiberglass, nylon, and low-cost PLA filament. Even when it’s not printing out carbon fiber goodness, the machine itself will look pretty handsome, with its anodized aluminum body and translucent printing bed. [Purchase]