Marine Kart: The Go-Kart On Water

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Marine KartBoats are great and all, but let’s face reality; they are both expensive and a complete hassle to own and transport. Well the Marine Kart is looking to solve both of these problems making owning a boat convenient and enjoyable for everyone.

The aptly titled water vehicle is the equivalent of a go-kart on water. The lightweight Marine Kart is compact in size, and weighs in at only 120 pounds, meaning it’s extremely easy to transport. The outboard engine quickly attaches to the body of the water go-kart, and thanks to the 6 horsepower motor this bad boy can reach rather impressive speeds of up to 22 miles per hour across the water’s surface, and is also easy to maneuver. The boats are made in Switzerland, and come packed full of convenient features like a removable waterproof bag, comfortable eva cushion, and room for you and 3 of your friends.

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