Marco Polo App

No matter how smart our iPhones become, it doesn’t change the fact that we continuously misplace them. There doesn’t seem to be any change Apple can make to their beloved smartphone that prevents us from being careless. Thankfully the Marco Polo app was created just for this purpose.

The cleverly titled app lets you find your lost or misplaced mobile device with nothing more than your voice. All you have to is shout “Marco.” The app will listen, and will respond with “Polo,” helping you hunt your iPhone down. The app offers up 30 different voices, and even lets you pre-program other commands, in case “Marco” and “Polo” aren’t your thing (try “Knock Knock… Who’s There?” for example). The app will automatically turn up the volume on its voice if you’re taking too long to locate your phone, and it will work in silent mode, using a pop-up notification to illuminate the screen in dark places. Misplacing your phone has officially become a thing of the past. [Purchase]