Gemballa & RUF Are Building A Porsche 959-Inspired Off-Road-Ready Supercar

Given the inherently cutthroat nature of the automotive industry, it’s pretty rare to find two direct competitors who are willing to put their differences aside and come together on a collaborative effort. However, on the off-chance they do — oh boy does the combined expertise bear fruit.

With the announcement of the 959-inspired ‘Project Sandbox’ supercar, Porsche tuning experts Gemballa and RUF are doing just that. But this isn’t the two brands’ first rodeo — rather, they have a shared history that started back in the 1980s developing high-performance engines. As such, we expect the final result to be something truly special. And while the details at this stage are few and far between, we do know this much: it’ll be based on 992-gen 911 Turbo, it’ll have a twin-turbocharged flat-six producing in excess of 750hp and 686lb-ft of torque, and — the best part — it’ll be off-road ready. Wrapped into a design penned by Alan Derosier, it should prove quite the looker. If you were holding out hope of buying one, you’ll have to quell your anticipation — all 10 launch units are already spoken for. In the meantime, you can follow the project at the link below.

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