The Yard Boot 365 Is A Workwear Staple Revised By Apple’s Marc Newson

The work boot has always been a staple of the hard-working population, acting as an intermediary between the blue-collar lifestyle and the companies that have supported it. In the late 1950s, R.M. Williams’ Gardener Boot brought the shoemaker into the spotlight for its exemplary construction, versatility, and poise, making it an iconic variant in its own right. Now, the company has partnered with Marc Newson, one of the world’s most prolific designers, to create the contemporary Yard Boot 365.

Drawing upon the intricacies of its predecessor, the Yard Boot 365 embodies all of the same attributes which served to bolster the popularity of the original. Both Newson — who helmed many of Apple’s design programs over the past 5 years — and Williams’ attentive principles shine through, resulting in a quintessential variation that pays homage to R.M.’s timeless work boot while bringing it in-line with today’s fashion-oriented models. Channeling Newson’s revered sensibilities, the 365 has been constructed using a single piece of leather, an engineered elastic gusset, and Poron padding, producing an intrinsically comfortable example that calls upon a textured Kip leather (or suede) upper, and an elegant rubber sole to do its bidding. If you’re looking to procure a boot from one of the greatest artistic minds around, the Yard Boot 365 is available now via R.M. Williams’ website for $365.

Purchase: $365