Marble Smart Electric Skateboard

Taking your skateboard to work sounds like a fun way to save on gas and beat traffic, but then you realize you live eight miles from your job and you don’t want to arrive looking like you just outran the uglier half of the Walking Dead cast. The Marbel Electric Skateboard can solve that problem.

Billed as the “lightest luxury vehicle in the world,” the Marbel weighs 9.9 lbs, reaches speeds up to 20 mph (even going uphill), and can do 10 miles on a single charge. This board is also rather intelligent, as you can customize settings like top speed and acceleration level through an app on your smartphone (iOS/Android), and even control the throttle from your phone if you wish. All the tech is built into the board’s carbon fiber and Kevlar deck, while the nose and tail are made of Urethane rubber. [Purchase]

Marble Smart Electric Skateboard 2

Marble Smart Electric Skateboard 3

Marble Smart Electric Skateboard 4