ManualPen EDC Writing Utensil

The pen is about as classic as everyday carry gear gets. But we’d hardly call it an oft-innovated item, as (for the most part) pens have been pretty much the same for decades or longer. So when we come across something truly interesting and new, like the ManualPen, we like to take a closer look.

In regards to form, the ManualPen leaves the writing utensil mostly intact — with its elegant, ergonomic, and elongated shape. But that’s where it stops and the innovation begins. You see, this pen is actually machined from a single piece of metal (your choice of brass, stainless steel, or copper). That means there are no moving or attached bits that might break during usage. You might wonder, then, how the ink cartridge deploys. Truth is, it doesn’t. Rather, this minimalist, cap-free pen secures its Fisher Space Pen cartridge internally. As a solution to lacking a cap, the system also allows you to flip the cartridge around once you’re done to keep your pockets leak-free. The project is live on Kickstarter now for $44.

Kickstarter: $44+