Mansory Muscles Up the Ferrari Roma with More Power & Carbon Fiber

More often than not, we know what to expect from Mansory. The opulent German tuning firm has cranked out some of the more impeccable builds imaginable, and its portfolio arguably ranks second to none. Mansory’s collection of Ferrari builds has always been particularly impressive, and that’s especially true with what the tuner has done with the Italian marque’s Roma.

The sleek Roma conversion implements many of Mansory’s signature elements from a cosmetic standpoint. The Roma now boasts a carbon-fiber-constructed hood, a carbon wing at the rear-end, as well as carbon accents dressing everything from the front bumper to the side mirrors to the door sills and more. In addition to this, the revamped grand tourer features a luxurious red-and-black leather interior, managing to further its sense of decadence to unforeseen heights.

Looks aside, Mansory’s take on the Prancing Horse’s classy coupe features a notable boost in performance, too, going from 611hp to a whopping 710hp. It also garners a hefty upgrade in torque, now sitting at 640lb-ft as opposed to a stock Roma’s 561lb-ft. Lastly, the modified build features a top speed of 206mph, serving as a 7-tick boost compared to the standard, which offers a mere 199 MPH. Mansory also claims that its Roma can go from 0-to-62 in 3.1 seconds which, as you may have guessed, is 0.3 seconds faster than average.

Any further details in regards to the gorgeous new build are sparse. However, those interested can take a further look at Mansory’s latest Ferrari conversion on its website.

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