Mansory Black Marlin Luxury Jet Ski

Thought Mansory was only into luxury car modification? Think again. The company, famous for its smooth lines and recognizable design, has finally taken to the water. Watercraft that is, specifically jet skis. And by the looks of their Black Marlin Luxury model in carbon fiber, they seem right at home outside the tarmac.

The project was based on a Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS. During the refinement process, Mansory was able to rely on their decades-long experience with carbon fiber to save the final product over 10kg in weight. Also, in true Mansory style, their designers gave the ski a substantially more dynamic and aggressive design. The Black Marlin isn’t just for looks either. Each ski houses a powerful engine that will have the ability to pump out up to 550 horsepower, yes you read that correctly. Additional features on this luxury jet ski include seawater resistant artificial leather and room for up to three people. However, with 550hp, you’ll easily be able to turn that threesome into a solo venture with a few quick maneuvers. Available for around $62,600. [Purchase]

Mansory Black Marlin Luxury Jet Ski 3

Mansory Black Marlin Luxury Jet Ski 4

Mansory Black Marlin Luxury Jet Ski 5