ManDown Man Bag

When you really think about it, the core of any good weight training regimen isn’t anything fancy. All you need is something heavy and versatile enough be lifted and moved in a variety of different ways – which is exactly what the Man Bag by ManDown is designed to do.

The concept behind this setup is simple – it’s a tough bag that can hold up to 80 pounds of sand. Fill this thing up to a desired weight, and you can use it in exercises varying from squats to sit-ups and dips. Constructed with 1,000 denier nylon, and equipped with heavy duty polyprolene handles, it won’t fail on you no matter how you hard you use it. You can pick up this American made bag for busting out your WODs at home or local park starting at $115. [Purchase]

ManDown Man Bag 1

ManDown Man Bag 2

ManDown Man Bag 3