Mandem Nike Shoebox Safe

As kids, we all remember keeping our stash of cash and trading cards neatly tucked away in a shoebox. It served as our safe place, hiding our valuables in plain sight from unwanted intruders (i.e. parents). We kept these items close to heart, which is why we went through such great extents to keep them in such a safe place.

Now, we can relive the joy of stashing away our valuables in the old cardboard shoebox thanks to the Mandem Safe. Yes, in case you were wondering, it’s an actual safe. Constructed from five millimeter folded steel, inside a cardboard wrap, each Mandem Safe accurately depicts a Nike shoebox. It’s complete with a key entry on one of the side holes and even offers users the option to secure the box to the ground by utilizing the pre-drilled holes at the bottom. With all these security features it’s obvious this safe is for more than just stashing away baseball cards unless of course, it’s a mint condition autographed Micky Mantle rookie card. [Purchase]

Mandem Safe 2