ManCan Personal Keg System

What would you rather have in your refrigerator: a growler or a brewery? If you’re the thirsty type, you’ll choose the brewery (without the 50 or so employees), and that’s why the ManCan is on our radar.

Able to hold a full gallon (nearly 11 bottles worth) of your favorite beer, this is a personal keg system you can take anywhere. Made with 304 stainless steel, the ManCan promises to be indestructible. It has a flexible tap system, it’s easy to clean, and your beer stays fresh for weeks. Just bring it to any brewery or growler filling station and then skip all the way home. If a gallon of beer sounds too intimidating for you (did you notice our eye roll?), you can buy the original ManCan 64 for 64 ounces of liquid refreshment instead of 128. Watch the video below.[Purchase]