Man In Bulletproof Mercedes Gets Shot At By AK-47

Nov 13, 2014

Category: Entertainment

How do you know if your armored Mercedes-Benz is really bulletproof? Well, one you thing certainly don’t do is get in the driver’s seat and have someone shoot at the window with an AK-47. Wait… no… actually, you DO do that? Yeah, apparently you do, if you’re the crazy guys at Texas Armoring Corporation.

In a blatantly bold move, company president Trent Kimball tells us how they take product testing extremely seriously, and after his partner dramatically cocks the gun, Kimball takes his seat in the vehicle, as his safety goggle-laden buddy pumps 12 shots into the windshield. Kimball, unfazed, then gets out and tells us that “Life is valuable—protect it.” Okayyy. He then calmly walks off-camera, where we presume he changed his underwear.

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