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Man CratesThe team at Man Crates just made shopping for your fellow man (or ladies for your male companion) a hell of a lot easier.

Ensuring that no man dislikes their gifts ever again, Man Crates is a very simple concept that has been executed perfectly; a crate shoved with all sorts of stuff men love. The team compiles snacks, gadgets, gear and video games, seals them up tight in a wooden container, and ships them off to whomever you choose. Recipients will be able to crack open the box with the supplied crowbar, being treated to a handful of goodies that no man could reject. There’s a crate for the Grill Master,  Premium Jerky, The Clean Shave, Outdoor Survival, Whiskey Lover, Zombie Survival crate, and a whole lot more. Think of these as badass gift baskets for men.

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