Mammuth Rewarron R/C Trophy Truck

To some people, remote controlled cars are little more than children’s playthings. But there is a whole underground of hobbyists that take them to the next level. But even some of them haven’t achieved the level of coolness and extremity that the folks at Mammuth have with their 1:3 scale R/C trophy truck, the Rewarron.

Without seeing a person standing directly next to it, you might think that this crazy R/C vehicle is a legitimate full-sized trophy truck. And that’s because it sort of is a legitimate trophy truck – just smaller (measuring up at around 375 pounds). Featuring an on-board 270cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine and a comprehensive suspension system, the Rewarron can take to the dirt just like its larger counterparts. Except, instead of getting behind the wheel, you control it via an included 2.4 Ghz radio controller. For $5,250, you can be the proud owner of what might be the coolest and most capable R/C car we have ever seen.

Purchase: $5,250+