Mammut’s GORE-TEX Halo Outfit Was Built For Stormy Cold-Weather Expeditions

Mammut is a well-known name within the world of outdoor gear, and for good reason. The company has repeatedly released dependable, cutting-edge pieces, helping adventurers to take on the world’s most dire conditions — and now, it’s using its expertise to craft a next-generation suit known as the Halo Outfit.

Announced alongside the outfit’s Eiger line, the Halo calls upon an intricate combination of garments to protect wearers from the harshest elements imaginable. The entire collection draws inspiration from Mammut’s preceding Nordwand Pro HS Suit, combining wetsuit-stylization, differing shapes, and high-tech materials to elaborate on its already-formidable outerwear. To repel water, snow, and ice, Halo’s initial piece — the Hybrid ML Onepiece — utilizes a one-piece thermal base layer, as well as a high-performance, stretchy fleece fabric to retain and regulate core temperatures. Once its wearer begins to perspire, moisture is transitioned to other areas, working alongside a transparent ceramic hard foam print on the garment’s shoulders to provide additional heat and abrasion resistance. Below, the Hybrid HS Bib Pant works similarly, turning instead to a 3L Gore-Tex material and glued construction to provide unparalleled weather protection. Mammut’s new HS Hooded Jacket, Pro Gloves, Harness, and Nordwand 6000 High GTX boots round out the collection. Head to the company’s website to learn more.

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