Maluna Combat 22 Adventure Cooler

There’s no denying the presence that YETI has in the outdoor space – their adventure coolers are legendary. So when someone comes along to say they’ve made one even better, some heads are gonna turn. The thing is, when it comes to the Maluna Combat 22, they might actually be right.

Named to bring awareness to the plight of military veterans, this 22-quart cooler is obscenely durable – thanks to its rotomolded exterior. And while that itself doesn’t set this cooler apart, the patent-pending ‘Unhinged’ lid design does. That’s because the unique seal allows this cooler to maintain ice retention up to 23% longer than their chief competition across the board (tested up to 100 hours in a 100º F controlled thermal chamber). It also features ergonomic handles, a lifetime guarantee, and a portion of the proceeds of the sales goes toward veteran organizations like The Fallen Outdoors. If you want the ultimate adventure cooler and you like the idea of supporting a worthy cause, back this project on Kickstarter now for $150.

Kickstarter: $150+