Malle London’s ‘Adventurewear’ Collection Is Full Of Moto-Inspired Knits

Malle London is a timeless brand that makes equally timeless garments, and thanks to the company’s adventurous roots, it’s become one of the go-to clothing proprietors for the fashion-forward man. While most of the outfit’s offerings are catered toward, and influenced by, Britain’s motorcycle heritage, its newest collection, dubbed “Malle ADVENTUREWEAR,” is a subtle take on the vintage, hard-wearing styles that were so prevalent in the past.

The newly-announced Malle London ADVENTUREWEAR Collection is an uncompromising look into the history of fashionable knits — a selection of garments that boast the finest yarns and all-natural materials to set themselves apart from alternative seasonal offerings. Within, you’ll find a hearty distribution of wool caps, crew-neck sweaters, heavy-weight submariners, and maybe even an Alpaca-imbued super-fiber sock, or two. Each of these vintage classics calls upon Britain’s artisanal history with knitwear and defines a life of wanderlust through exceptional, high-quality tailoring, cozy comfort, superior insulation, and moisture-wicking qualities. To achieve this, Malle has implemented Supima Cotton, Fine Merino Wool, Heavy-Weight Merino Wool, and Alpaca to ensure adequate performance while on-the-road, allowing you to focus on the journey, and nothing else. Head to the company’s website to peruse the ADVENTUREWEAR Collection, which starts at $35, now.

Purchase: $35+