Maker Utility Knife

Any craftsman can tell you the importance of having a blade to help you get the job done. But most utility blades are bulky and/or too ugly to haul around with your EDC every day. And that’s why Giacomo Di Muro, the MacGyver-esque artisan behind the popular Giaco Whatever YouTube channel, made his Maker Utility Knife.

Crafted from aerospace-grade materials and with a stainless steel core, the Maker Knife features a precision Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) cut body – far more precise than standard CNC milling. And while it’s surely beautiful, it’s most impressive feature is its deployment and locking system. Though Di Muro is a little tight-lipped as to how it works, the mechanism uses no springs, but can be deployed in a nanosecond with just the flick of your wrist or finger. Deployed, however, it stays extremely secure whether you’re cutting or bashing the tip of your razor against a wall. But, it still slides back closed just as easily via the finger hole at its center. It also features a pocket clip, is completely waterproof, comes in silver or black, and is on Kickstarter now for just $45.

Kickstarter: $45+