Mahabis Classic Slipper

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When it comes to a solid pair of slippers for wearing around the house, there are few – if any – that are as comfortable a pick as Mahabis.

Designed in London and featuring an interesting mesh of styles picked up from Scandinavia, Morocco, and India, the Mahabis Classic Slippers are as handsome as they are cozy. The upper of the slipper is made from a high-quality wool, while the cushioned insole is built specifically for barefoot wear. But what really sets them apart from the crowd is the optional detachable outsole and neoprene heel. The special fabric on the heel also allows for you to slide these on more casually without doing any damage to your slippers. And for those who want to run out to pick up the paper or spend a bit of time on the porch, the detachable and interchangeable outdoor sole can be kicked on or off in just moments – making for an all around more versatile slipper. All things said, these are the ideal slippers for a lazy Sunday around the house.

Purchase: $98+