An American Finally Won The Dakar Rally In A Modified Can-Am Maverick X3

Considering that Magpul produces extraordinarily rugged equipment and gear for war zones and other equally inhospitable settings and conditions, it’s frankly unsurprising that the Colorado company happens to sponsor a vehicle in what is almost certainly the world’s most grueling and unforgiving motorsport event, the Dakar Rally. And it just so happens that the Magpul-sponsored Can-Am Maverick X3 would not only outright win its class at the 2020 running of the event, but it would also make history in the process with its driver, Casey Currie becoming the first American driver to win the Dakar.

Held this year in Saudi Arabia, the 2020 Dakar Rally consisted of a two-week event spanning approximately 5,000 miles of the region’s most hostile and unforgiving terrain and conditions. Competing in a heavily upgraded and modified version of the Maverick X3, Currie—who is also the 2010 CORR Pro Light champion—finished in fourth place at last year’s Dakar, before returning in 2020 to carve out his place in the rally history books. To get a better sense of the challenges Currie faced along the way, Magpul has pieced together an interesting video examine Currie’s running of the Dakar.

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