Magpul DAKA Pouch

Ammo, booze, documents, a tablet, stacks of stolen cash. Magpul doesn’t know what you are going to put into their DAKA Pouch, but they sure as hell know it it’ll be safe and dry.

Made from an incredibly durable polymer fabric with an anti-slip texture applied to it, you can throw whatever you please into these tough American made pouches and be comfortable knowing that they’ll be protected from the dirt, grime, and weather. Each of the three different sized pouches (6×9, 7×12, and 9×13) come in a variety of different colors and feature an impenetrable and permanent welded construction that’ll last no matter what. For a secure closure Magpul made sure to use a YKK Aquagauard zipper, and even threw on a paracord grip with a shrink tubing for grip. To top it all off these all feature carabiner attachments on the corners alongside a special dot matrix for easy marking. Adventure on. Prices start at $19. [Purchase]