MagKey EDC Key Holder

Not all Kickstarter projects have to be mind-blowingly amazing. Sometimes, a little project comes along that is so simple and makes so much sense, it’s hard to not to give it your money. Thus is the case with the MagKey EDC Key Holder, which is a simple 4-pack of neodymium magnets for your unruly keys.

The MagKey magnets use a 3M adhesive to stick to your keys, so that you can stick them together. With these magnets stuck in between them, your keys will no longer jingle obnoxiously. Each magnet weighs just .13 grams and measures less than 1mm thick. It’s a simple solution, and a 4 pack is available for $10 to early backers. Watch the video below. [Purchase]

MagKey EDC Key Holder 2

MagKey EDC Key Holder 3

MagKey EDC Key Holder 4