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Made In’s Beautiful Cleaver Features a Wooden Handle Made from Spanish Olive Trees

Made In Olive Wood Cleaver 0 Hero
Photo: Made In

It’s time we take the cleaver a bit more seriously. You can’t miss it when looking at your cutlery block, but do we always remember exactly the level of versatility it’s capable of? From the classic butcher shop staple to doubling as a bench scraper after dicing vegetables on a cutting board due to its flat edge, the cleaver is also one of the few knives whose broadside is commonly used as well, like when crushing garlic. Because of its heaviness and width, as well as the hammer-like way in which you’re supposed to use it, a hatchet’s construction is also key and must be made with absolute durability and longevity in mind.

Made In Olive Wood Cleaver 1
Photo: Made In

Known for its high-end cutlery and limited-edition releases, Made In is releasing a very special version of its Cleaver that now joins the likes of its other olive wood-handled knives — a set that already includes the 8 Inch Chef Knife, Nakiri Knife, Paring Knife, Bread Knife, and Santoku Knife — which is great for those who want to add the tool to their repertoire without having to dip into a different style altogether. Like the others, the wood itself is made from Spanish olive trees made in such a way that no two handles will have the same grain pattern.

Made In Olive Wood Cleaver 2
Photo: Made In

Made In’s knives are all fully forged in Thiers, France — the knifemaking capital of the world, 700 years strong. As for the Cleaver, its sturdiness comes from the full-tang blade made from X50CrMoV15 stainless steel. Featuring a maximum thickness of 3.81mm and a bevel angle of 30 degrees, which provides added durability and power compared to the 8 Inch Chef Knife, the hatchet gets much of its force from the extra heft. For owners with kids, you can hang the knife on your wall with the added hook hole in the top corner. However, there’s also the option to store it in the accompanying American-made olive green leather sheath.

Made In Olive Wood Cleaver 3
Photo: Made In

The company has released Cleaver knives in the past, but this new olive wood version will be the only one currently available upon its release. If you’re interested in expanding your cutlery set, act quickly and head over to Made In’s website to get your own.