MADE Is Crafting Technical Outdoor Gear Custom-Made For Your Body

It is all but impossible for large-scale manufacturers — especially in the apparel industry — to meet the needs of every individual person, as every body is unique. That can often mean that things like adventure jackets might seem great in theory but are ill-fitting in real life. Well, a new brand called MADE is looking to shake things up in a major way with a much more individual take on outdoor apparel.

Formed by Dustin Butcher, Cheryl LeBarr, and Capri Philip — the latter two being alumni of lauded outdoor brand Arc’teryx — this brand is focusing on crafting custom (across 11 individual points), made-to-order gear designed specifically to fit the end user’s specific measurements. That means, so long as you aren’t fudging the numbers, their apparel will fit your body perfectly from the get-go. As if that’s not exciting enough, they’re also using high-end materials, like Sympatex and Polartec Neoshell, to ensure the performance is as good as the fit and the made-to-order business style even ensures less overall waste. While the brand is starting off with just a technical shell, MADE’s future seems very bright — and they might even deeply alter how the outdoor industry functions as a whole. Sign up on the brand’s site for more info on the upcoming release and availability.

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