Mad Rover Land Rover Defender Imports

Though the company was born way back in 1948, Land Rover didn’t come to the States a good deal later – much to the chagrin of off-road automotive enthusiasts. And while it was hard enough getting one in the U.S. back in the day, it’s even more difficult now. That is, unless you turn to the folks at Mad Rover.

Specializing specifically on importing Land Rovers to the USA, this company is the best place to turn when searching for the classic SUV stateside. And that’s true whether you want a stock right-hand drive turbo-diesel or if you prefer something a bit more bonkers – like a custom rig built for overlanding. Best of all, this North Carolina-based brand is completely on the level, so you can trust them to take care of all the legal issues, leaving you to drive your new baby home no questions asked.

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