If you are looking to get out and muck around on some trails with an ATV, actually buying the thing is only half of the battle. You have to find a way to store it, maintain it, and most critically, some way to get it to a trailhead. This stuff is all very doable with just you, your tools, and your truck, but transporting your ATV can be made that much easier thanks to the Mad-Ramps.

This thing easily mounts onto your truck and making it so you can load and unload your recreational vehicle in under two minutes. Yeah, that’s right, no more flipping your ATV upside down or crushing uncle Ted after making a wrong move unloading it. After installing this pivoting ramp (takes less than five minutes) made from solid steel and aluminum onto the hitch of your pickup, you simply drive your vehicle up the ramp, secure it in your truck bed, and slide the ramp back down to size. Not only does this make it easier to transport your vehicle, but the design gives users an extra couple of feet in their pickup bed for tools, helmets, and gas cans. Prices start at $845. [Purchase]