Machine Era Solid Brass Pen

The Richmond, Virginia based crew at Machine Era Co. first caught our attention years ago when they released a range of minimalist wallets that truly stood out from the crowd. Now the team of designers and craftsmen are taking their talents to other areas of our everyday carry with products like this Solid Brass Pen.

A pivotal component to anyone’s daily carry, the EDC pen and paper combination has seen a resurgence as of late. While smartphones can document almost everything, there’s something irreplaceable about the classic combo. Crafted from a hefty weight brass body, each pen feels exceptional in hand, and ink is delivered by a beloved Pilot G2 0.5 cartridge. A threaded cap keeps ink where you want it, and seeing that it’s machined from a single block with non moving parts, you better believe it was built to last. And like a fine wine, this pen only gets better with age as the metal will patina to a spent shell casing golden brown. Each pen retails for $39. [Purchase]

Machine Era Solid Brass Pen 2

Machine Era Solid Brass Pen 3

Machine Era Solid Brass Pen 4

Machine Era Solid Brass Pen 5