Machine Era Pen No. 2

Finding a great pen for a price that isn’t going to require you to take out a small loan can be tough, but we’re here to help. Check out the Machine Era Pen No. 2, a pen that feels so good in the hand you won’t believe its price.

In fact, every small part of this pen is finished and hand worked for unmatched quality, and it’s made from solid brass, so it has a nice weight and balance to it. It has an ultra smooth finish that’s created by tumbling separate parts of the pen in small pieces of porcelain. You won’t find any springs or moving parts that wear out. It’s 4.8-inches long, and 0.4-inches in diameter. It’s an EDC essential that will stand the tests of time, and it’s available for an easy-to-swallow price of $60. [Purchase]

Machine Era Pen No. 2 2

Machine Era Pen No. 2 3

Machine Era Pen No. 2 4