Machete Spatula

Master the art of grilling with the Machete Spatula. This summer, you’ll not only grill up the best burgers your friends have ever had, but it’ll look like you harvested the beef yourself. So, take control of the ‘cue and rule the roost thanks to the most dangerous looking spatula around.

Each Machete Spatula features a stainless steel blade and oak handle to keep things classy yet durable. The length of the blade make it perfect for flipping meat, and the a trio of bottle openers ensures that no one goes thirsty within your domain. And what machete-wielding master of the meat would you be without a bandana to boot? That’s right each spatula comes equipped with a bandana. Now you can perfect your Deer Hunter impersonation while providing every man, woman, and child with delicious food. Just another ordinary barbecue? We don’t think so. Available now for $30. [Purchase]