MacGyver Toolkit

The acting, plots, and production values may have been pretty sketchy on MacGyver, but damn it if the legend of that show doesn’t continue to thrive. The reason? MacGyver’s innate ability to get out of any jam with the most simple of items.

The Action Hero Toolkit puts everything a budding MacGyver needs in one handy little tin. Your get a bobby pin (works especially well on villains named Bobby); strike-anywhere match (wait! except there!); rubber band (less deadly, but stretchier than a bullet); one piece of bubble gum (delicious); birthday candle (celebrate your escape!); paper clip (perfect for jimmying something or other); shoelace (not for use with flip flops); 1¢ stamp (48 more gets you mailing rights); and a small square of duct tape (no explanation needed—it’s duct tape). [Purchase]