Macbook HyperDrive Port

While it is widely considered to be an impressive and powerful computer, Apple’s MacBook Pro has received some real criticism due to its lack of device ports. The computer only features four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C connectors, making it hard to connect your devices to the computer. Thankfully, HyperDrive is here with a sleek and compact solution.

Machined from high grade aluminum (and coming in either space grey or silver to match the different MacBook colors), this low profile attachment connects 7 different ports right to your brand new computer. Want to attach the laptop to an external screen? You can use the attached HDMI port and put out 1080p video at 60Hz, or 4K video at 30 Hz. Want to upload some images you took while out in the field? You have the option of using both a microSD and SD card, as well as two separate USB 3.1 ports for an external hard drive. The kicker? You can charge your Mac at full speed while using all of these ports at the same time. Not bad. Not bad at all. When these hit retail, they are expected to go for $100. [Purchase]

Macbook HyperDrive Port 1