Macallan x Urwerk Whiskey Flask

Combining the intricacies of an heirloom timepiece with the class of a great scotch, Urwerk and Macallan have teamed up to collaborate in a beautifully engineered whiskey flask that we can guarantee is one of a kind in the world of flasks. It’s almost poetic in a sense. Patience, timekeeping, and innovation, it’s what makes a world class scotch and a handsome wrist watch.

Each flask is composed of over 150 parts that work together in unison to reflect both brand’s commitment to their quality products. It’s made up of machining aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel and features two separate titanium tanks so you never have to choose between your two favorite Macallan whiskies for that upcoming wedding. The piece also features a set of winglets that help the flask stand on its own as well as cask indicators that let you track the age and cask type of the whisky in each of the sturdy tanks. A limited edition of 500 is set for release later this year and will be priced around $2,450. [Purchase]