Maarno Folding Rowboat

“You’re gonna need a smaller boat,” said no one who ever went after a Great White. But for the dude who just likes to occasionally get out in the lake to see what’s biting, a small boat is all he needs. And yet, there are problems, because even a small boat is still bigger than Louie Anderson, and Louie Anderson can’t fit in a car trunk. We know. We’ve tried (long story).

But the Maarno Folding Rowboat offers recreationally-minded men and women the chance to get out on the water without having to tow a massive vessel behind them. Built from a single sheet of plastic, the Maarno seamlessly folds down to five by three feet with the cushions and paddles. Two adults can comfortably recite poetry or feed grapes to each other inside it, so that’s cool, and while it’s still a prototype, we think lots of people would be interested in such a product if it came to market—Louie Anderson included. [Purchase]

Maarno Folding Rowboat 2

Maarno Folding Rowboat 3

Maarno Folding Rowboat 4

Maarno Folding Rowboat 5

Maarno Folding Rowboat 6