M48 Kommando Pocket Rescue Tool

Survival kits are great and all, but it’s just not realistic to tote an entire kit around on a daily basis. When you’re looking for the perfect survival multi-tool to incorporate into your daily EDC, you might want take a look at the M48 Kommando Pocket Rescue Tool.

Made by the folks at United Cutlery, this multi-tool is about the size of a credit card, making it easy to slip right into your wallet. It weighs just 0.8 ounces, and measures in at 4.5 x 3 inches in size. This pocket tool comes equipped with 4 wire strippers, 4 ASE wrenches, knife blade, can opener, emergency cord, screwdriver head, and the essential bottle opener. Something that we don’t see everyday though is the inclusion of a leaser etched morse code cheat seat (the words “Help” and “SOS”). Each Kommando comes with a waterproof carrying case and durable neck lanyard. [Purchase]