M. Crow Bandsaw Blade Steak Knives

Walk into just about any grocery store or department store and you can probably find a set of steak knives. After all, they’re a staple of kitchen cutlery. Of course, if you know the value of a good steak, you might also know that the tools you use to cut it are also very important. So why not invest in something with a little more individuality and history – like M. Crow’s Bandsaw Blade Steak Knives.

Yes, you read that right. Each of these knives feature a high carbon hand-ground blade made from salvaged bandsaw blades. That means that, on top of being excellent cutters, each of them features a unique patina – imbuing every one with a bit of individuality. Those blades are then mated to your choice of four wood handles (black walnut, Osage orange, toasted maple, and American holly) and riveted together with copper rivets. Show your perfectly cooked steak the respect it deserves by cutting it with one of these excellent knives. Pricing is set at $65 a piece.

Purchase: $65