M.1 BlackxBlack HiFi End Table Speaker

Speakers are best heard, not seen. Or at least that seems to be the prevailing philosophy among audio companies as of late. Everyone from Bang and Olufsen to more boutique brands are dreaming up ways to hide their speakers in plain site. One of our favorites so far? JLA.Design with their new M.1 BlackxBlack Sound System.

This 1.5 by 1.5-foot end-table speaker smartly conceals a two-way, full range bass reflex with an 8-inch aluminum cone, butyl surround woofer, and Ferrofluid cooled silk dome tweeter. Or, put in English, it is packed full of equipment that’ll make your favorite records sound great no matter how you’re streaming them (the speakers support iOS, Android, Windows, or MacOS devices). More than just sounding fantastic, the M.1 Sound System really looks and functions like a beautiful piece of furniture. Manufactured in Austin, Texas from blackened baltic birch and boasting brass details, they’re the perfect addition to the more modern home or apartment.

Purchase: $995