Lytte’s 3D-Printed Wireless Earbuds Were Inspired By Precision Acoustics

Throughout the ages, instruments have relied on acoustic chambers to produce their unique sounds. Some of our favorite variants, including acoustic guitars, horns, and saxophones, utilize these chambers to produce tones through vibrations in the air — something that tech company Lytte has referenced within its latest true wireless headphone, HarmoniQ.

Lytte’s HarmoniQ earbuds are an affordable iteration that stands toe to toe with some of the genre’s most popular offerings, including Apple’s phenomenal Airpod variant. This is made possible by the devices’ specialized, single-piece 3D acoustic chamber, which mimics those found in classic and contemporary instruments. When paired with the brand’s organic, -35db noise isolation, increased distortion control, and iOS/Android integration, the HarmoniQ earphones provide listeners with an up-to-date suite of technical inclusions, while still boasting mid- to high-end sound quality, richer bass, and tonal ranges that rival the likes of Bang and Olufsen. Head to the brand’s Indiegogo to learn more, and while you’re there, pick up a pair of your own for $109 and up.

Indiegogo: $109+