Lytro Immerge VR Camera

There’s an obvious spotlight shining on the virtual reality devices industry right now, and one of the latest entries into the market is the Lytro Immerge VR Camera.

The device uses a globe-like array to capture video with a full 360 of footage, allowing users to create immersive videos like never before. The camera, which looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before, captures both depth and light ray data, allowing scenes to be recreated from different angles, allowing viewers to move the camera for the content they’re watching. The camera comes with a dedicated server tot process and manage all of the footage captured, and it also comes with its own editing software and playback software that works with most VR headsets. It’s futuristic look and advanced technology make it a truly unique camera. Pricing isn’t available yet, but expect it to cost a pretty penny. [Purchase]