LynQ Location Tracker

Not all who wander are lost. But some definitely are. Have I passed that cactus before? Am I going in a circle?! When hiking out into the wilderness, it’s important to stay linked to your group, in case things go awry and you become wedged between a rock wall and 500 pound boulder and are forced to amputate your arm. For such situations, LynQ has created this personal location tracker.

Perhaps you know how to navigate without a GPS, but it’s still best to have something connecting you to the grid when venturing into the unknown. With a simple press of a button,up to 12 devices can be linked to the LynQ, which hooks onto a carabiner and doesn’t weigh you down in the slightest. Everyone wearing a LynQ will be connected, and your device will be able to measure your distance and bearing from your friends, so none in your group will get lost. Three days of battery life and a 3 mile range provide more than enough time and area to track someone down…hopefully.

Purchase: $89+