LuxuryLite Cot Bug Shelter

Ecosystem shmecosystem, bugs are the worst. Come on, do we really need an estimated 10 quintillion of them?! Somehow we doubt it. But running around with a fly swatter like a madman is fruitless, so the next time you’re in their midst and want some alone time, check out the LuxuryLite Cot Bug Shelter.

Meant to fit snugly atop all LuxuryLite cots, the Bug Shelter features a freestanding, single-pole design that promises an easy setup, putting you moments away from a critter-free night. Just think how pissed the mosquitoes will be. The Shelter’s bug-stopping mesh provides plenty of visibility and ventilation, while the large, side-entry door makes getting in and out a snap. There are internal pockets and utility loops for added organization as well. [Purchase]