Lundhags Nordic Skates

What happens when you combine backcountry hiking, ice skating, and cross country skiing? Cross country skating is the what, and the Lundhags T-Skate NNN BC is the gear that Nordic trekkers use to do it.

These easily detachable 15 inch long blades are made from an incredibly tough Rockwell 57 Steel and are designed specifically to traverse across bumpy, cracked, and uneven ice. Thanks to the inclusion of the NNN (New Nordic Norm) bindings, these can easily be clipped into your pair of cross country ski boots in just 30 seconds. That means you don’t have to stop, sit down, take off your warm winter boots, and then lace up your ice skates all while freezing your toes and fingers off. Or, more specifically, it means that you can do more than just walk around the local pond or lake – you can actually get out on it and enjoy winter at its best. Prices are set at $160.

Purchase: $160