Lunatik Epik H20 Apple Watch Case

It’s hard to deny – maybe impossible – that Apple is good at designing beautiful products. Their eye for building striking software and hardware played a large part in their rise during the early 2000s. Yet, with that being said, their hardware is far from being rugged. Thankfully for those of us who love the Apple watch’s functionality but still need a tough piece that can go anywhere, Lunatik has stepped up with the EPIK H20 watch case and band.

Essentially a waterproof polycarbonate mated to a durable silicone strap, this will let you take your Apple watch with you down to the beach or out into the woods without worrying about getting it scuffed up or damaged. Boasting a ballistic molded top bezel to resist shocks, and a waterproof jacket that keeps the watch safe up to 165 feet – your high tech city timepiece can easily make the transition into a tough outdoor companion. When these are made available at the end of June, you’ll be able to pick them up in three different colors with a retail price of $80. [Purchase]

Lunatik Epik H20 Band 1

Lunatik Epik H20 Band 2

Lunatik Epik H20 Band 3