LunaR Solar Powered Smartwatch

Even the best smart watch manufacturers have a hard time equipping their products with long lasting batteries. And seeing that a smartwatch isn’t so smart when it doesn’t have a charge, that is a bit of a problem. Thankfully for us, it looks as if a young upstart may have come up with the perfect solution. Introducing Lunar, the world’s first solar-powered smartwatch.

Rather than just relying on the wearer to remember to plug their watch in before bed – this high-tech timepiece has a panel just under the watch’s analog face that collects energy from both indoor and outdoor light. As a result, wearers can get all of the benefits from the watch – including sleep tracking, activity tracking, a dual date time zone, and phone notifications – without worrying about it dying when they need it most. To top all of this off, the watch features a unique interface that relies on a series of illuminated dots near the exterior of the dial, allowing the timepiece to retain a traditional look in addition to its impressive capabilities.

Kickstarter: $240