Lunar Lander Tiny Home

Jun 19, 2018

Category: Living

Central Washington is slightly more vibrant than the lunar scape that Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins peered out upon when they took the Apollo 11 Lunar module to the moon, and that’s precisely where a new, handcrafted lunar lander has touched down. A brilliant and meticulous recreation from boat designer and architect Kurt Hughes, this fabulous lunar lander tiny home is truly out of this world.

Hughes, an architect turned catamaran crafter, always wanted to combine the two realms to create something that closed the divide between a boat and a house. He found the perfect project in the lunar lander – both a home, and a ship (think astro-naut, the star sea). Though less technically complex as a real NASA lunar lander, Hughes’ version is no doubt more comfortable. While the Apollo 11 module had more space on the outside, the Lunar Lander tiny home has plenty of space on the inside, with an open floor plan and two stories. Upstairs is a gazing area, and a beautiful geodesic skylight, while downstairs, in the bowels of the ship, is the isolated cryogenic sleep chamber – or, just the bedroom, if you prefer.

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