Luna Running Sandals

Luna Running Sandals

Luna Running Sandals
In an attempt to design the perfect form of footwear for the hardcore trails while still preserving the age old connection between Earth and the Human Foot, the Luna Running Sandals were born.

Designed by Seattle based Ted McDonald, the minimalist footwear started in 2010, and was put to the ultimate test during its first year of inception as they were worn during the 2010 Leadville Trail 100. The sandals performed extraordinarily well, and since then these things have been gaining immense popularity among outdoor enthusiasts. Each sandal is hand crafted, and has been outfitted with quite a bit of technology including MGT Monkey Grip Technology, Vibram soles, advanced lacing system, and a non slip top that was designed to withstand even the wettest of conditions. This is the closest you will get to a barefoot experience without sacrificing protection.

You can purchase your own pair for the summer from Amazon.

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