Luna Display

For the most part, Apple products are pretty great. They’re beautifully designed, they function well, and they’re reliable. But that isn’t to say that they don’t leave users wanting more. Take, for example, the fact that you can’t synch your laptop or desktop with your iPad. Thankfully for us, though, the Luna Display is here to fix that.

This brilliant little device plugs into either your USB or USBC drive, and in just seconds turns your iPad into a second screen. Unlike software apps that attempt to do the same thing, this piece of hardware works with your existing WiFi network to make it so there is practically no loss in quality. And seeing that this piece of tech comes from the same studio that developed the highly regarded drawing app Astropad, you know their standards for ‘high quality’ are pretty up there. But more than just turning your iPad into a high-res second screen, the Luna Display also allows your tablet to work as an extension of your Mac – one that you can use with a keyboard, apple pencil, or touch functionality. Apple engineers, you should be taking notes.

Kickstarter: $65+