Lumos LED Smart Bicycle Helmet

Sometimes, an idea comes along that just makes so much sense. Lumos is one of those ideas. It’s a smart bicycle helmet that gives night riders the ability to be seen, thanks to its 60 LED lights that are visible from every angle.

That’s not all that the Lumos helmet does, though. The helmet has an integrated accelerometer that senses when you slow down and automatically illuminates all of the rear bright red lights so that those behind you know you’re stopping. The helmet also has a wireless remote control intended to be mounted on your handlebars that will allow you to notify drivers of your turns. When you press one of the buttons, the corresponding yellow lights illuminate and blink. The Lumos uses a rechargeable battery, and the company behind it says that if you use Lumos for 30 minutes every day, a full charge will last about a week. The Lumos is being funded on Kickstarter right now and will cost early birds just $99. [Purchase]

Lumos LED Smart Bicycle Helmet 2

Lumos LED Smart Bicycle Helmet 3

Lumos LED Smart Bicycle Helmet 4