Lumos Aster Cycling Backpack

If you are a bike commuter, chances are you’ve already had a couple of close calls in the past week. The sun is setting just a little before 5pm, making it that much harder to get home from work in one piece. There are some solutions out there though, and the Lumos Aster Cycling Backpack is one of the best among them.

This thing has so many features it almost seems like simply calling it a ‘backpack’ sells it short. The Aster comes with a 4,000 mAh battery that holds up to 15 hours of charge for powering front lights on the back-straps, side lights along the bag, and a brake light and turn signals on the back. The kicker? All of them operate automatically. The bag can tell when you are decelerating, making it so the back brake light glows brighter, and the left and right turn signals can be operated using a simple Bluetooth connected switch on your handlebars. Yet, while it is tempting to just focus on the visibility that this bag provides, it is worth mentioning a few other features. Not only is the Aster good for riding in the rain thanks to its tough PU outer material, but it can open fully for easy access and packing when you are off the bike. Prices set at $110.

Lumos Aster Cycling Backpack 1

Lumos Aster Cycling Backpack 3

Lumos Aster Cycling Backpack 2